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Live Archive

Easy and Efficient Archiving and Retrieval


Archiving and retrieval should be simple. When a job isn't active, it should be automatically archived. When you need it again, it should be easy to find. Why has it been so difficult?!


Well, it's not any more. With the Live Archive module, you can set up triggers to activate an archive. This trigger could be an event in your MIS System - for example when a job is marked as "complete" or "shipped". This way, completed jobs will be automatically archived. Live Archive also offers to option to manually archive a job as well. Retrieving a job is as easy as browsing for a job number and dragging the job folder to your working directory

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The Problem: Manual Archiving


The task of archiving has been a manual, tedious procedure for far too long and for this reason jobs usually remain "live" until space is needed on the file server. Typically, a user will receive a list of jobs to be archived, manually locate the jobs, and move them to a special location. This process is not only a huge waste of time but also fraught with mistakes due to human error. Grabbing the wrong job, dropping jobs in the wrong folder, moving rather than copying reprints, etc. Sometimes jobs can become lost forever!

The Solution: Live Archive


Live Archive eliminates both wasted time and human error. Simply have your MIS system trigger the archiving of a job, and then sit back and let Virtual Prepress do all the Work! With our help, you can set up a trigger that meets your business needs. No need to learn a new tool to restore or retrieve your files. We configure your native file navigation (Finder on a Mac or Windows Explorer) to retrieve files archived through Live Archive.  Maneuver easily through your archives and drag and drop the files you want to retrieve. Let Live Archive help you archive the way you should be: easily, efficiently, and automatically.

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