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File Bridge

Smarter, Simpler File Delivery


The Virtual Prepress File Bridge Module is a personalized file delivery system. The system makes file delivery easy for the person sending the file as well as the person receiving the file. In addition, it attaches useful information to the file as it’s processed. The system is comprised of two main components:

File Bridge Flow and the Virtual Prepress Database.


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File Bridge Flow:


The "File Bridge" flow is designed to automate the process of job submission into the Virtual Prepress Core Preflight Module while capturing, recording and maintaining the metadata necessary for proper job setup, routing, and notification. File Bridge has a direct integration with the Virtual Prepress Core Prefilght Module so that the files delivered directly from the client can also be routed through the preflight automation process to a preflight review checkpoint.

Virtual Prepress Database:


The Virtual Prepress Database is fully integrated with File Bridge to record, store and maintain a contact database used to associate the files uploaded from a customer to a notification routing system. A browser based control panel application is used to maintain the Virtual Prepress Database. The contact database was designed to be populated (automatically) through customer upload requests and a “Contact Setup” checkpoint integrated with the database through Switch. The main purpose of the File Bridge Module is to provide a simple file delivery mechanism for all your clients, that “bridges” the metadata associated with the files into a workflow system that allows the routing, notification and automated processing of files into a production system.

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