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Core Preflight

Automated, Integrated, and Accurate


Printing Companies generally have multiple steps and touches for printing jobs before the job enters into the production process. In most cases the electronic files for the job require multiple steps and touches before even finding out there is something missing and or wrong with the way the files were prepared. That can be extremely problematic given the nature of the speed of today’s business expectations.


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The Problem: Manual Preflight:


Files from a client can sit, in some cases for a day or more, before anyone even realizes there is a problem with the files that were delivered, creating a difficult situation between the customer and the printer. The lost time in this manual process puts more pressure on the printer to recover the time in what was most likely an already tight schedule. Cutting corners on this lengthy, but necessary process, only leads to more costly problems down the line in the production process.

The Solution: Core Preflight:


Using Industry standard software solutions, custom scripting and programming, All Systems Integration can help you realize the true value of your existing, significant investments in workflow systems such as Web2print, Estimating, Planning, Imposition, Prepress, Production and MIS Systems. A Management Information System can only reach its full potential when all the elements of the system are integrated to work seamlessly together in an end to end solution for the entire production process. When systems are integrated properly and automation is introduced into the equation, you can work more efficiently with less errors, saving valuable time and increasing profits while producing a higher quality product. Automating your manual preflight workflow can be a great first step in minimizing time and costly errors, and maximizing efficiency and profits.

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