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✔︎ Increase HP Indigo EPM print volume

✔︎ Automatically sort files for printing in HP Indigo EPM mode

✔︎ Save time, reduce costs and increase profit

How it works

The HP Indigo EPM Preflight Solution is an innovative solution for Mac and PC. It combines Enfocus SwitchEnfocus PitStop Server and the HP Indigo EPM Kit. The solution automatically preflights print-ready PDF files and routes them to EPM and non-EPM specific hot folders, based on a set of rules.

Case studies

"We signed up for an automation solution that would speed up the presses. But we got so much more out of it. Our whole process of delivering on time, within tight lead times, has dramatically improved."

Richard Charnley, IT Director, NXP Europe, United Kingdom

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"The HP Indigo EPM Preflight Solution from Enfocus allows us to define very specific parameters for our devices. It’s given us a confident automated workflow to save us more money with technology that we already had in place."

Brian Scott, President, Blooming Color, United States

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"Before Switch, we used a lot of static solutions, just like many other printing businesses. Files were placed in hot folders without any links to other data. Everything is now integrated into a single workflow. Every job, whether variable data is involved or not, is treated in the same way and put through the same workflow. Switch is our most important workflow. Thanks to Switch, our HP SmartStream Production Center becomes even more efficient."

Sander van Abeelen, IT specialist, Drukkerij Wihabo, The Netherlands

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Switch Core Engine
Switch Configurator Module
HP Indigo EPM kit
PitStop Server
PitStop Pro
1 year maintenance: updates, upgrades and support

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